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B-Dawg Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier B-Dawg Double Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier
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B-Dawg Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier B-Dawg Double Aluminum Motorycle Carrier
Millions of people around the country set out on a mission to find a scooter carrier each year. And for good reason! Whether they are looking for a scooter carrier for their gas powered scooter or for a mobility scooter, the scooter carrier is a great option for simplifying the transporting process. But before you purchase a scooter carrier, it is important to know what to look for and how to select one.

Types of Scooter Carriers
There are different types of scooter carriers, and you need to know which one is going to best suit your purpose. The scooter carrier you would need for a gas powered scooter is going to be similar to a motorcycle carrier. Many people purchase these for their RV so that they can have a quick and inexpensive form of transportation once they reach their destination. The scooter carrier for gas powered scooters are usually made of all steel, have a ramp that makes it easy to roll the scooter up on it, and have a built-in adjustable wheel cradle.

They are made to hold a certain weight capacity, such as 400 or 600 pounds. So it is important to keep that in mind when making your selection. This type of scooter carrier is hitch mounted to your vehicle, so you will also need to check and make sure your vehicle is equipped with the appropriate hitch mount.

In addition to the scooter carrier for the gas powered scooter, there are mobility scooter carriers. There are thousands of people who use some form of mobility scooter today, and because of the scooter carrier options available, transporting them has never been easier. The mobility scooter is a platform that is attached to the vehicle bumper or a trailer hitch. Some of them are power, making it easier to lower the ramp and load the scooter, while other options are manual, where they remain in one position.

Selecting a Scooter Carrier
To select the right scooter carrier for your needs, first determine what type of scooter carrier fits your type of scooter. Then, you will need to compare prices, as well as weight capacities, materials used in the construction, warranties, and what your vehicle is equipped to have attached.

If you donít have a hitch carrier, donít be discouraged; you can always have one installed at an auto repair shop. Just be sure to research, compare and prepare when shopping for a scooter carrier. By doing a little homework now, you will be more likely to pick the best scooter carrier and be well on your way!